The No-Brainer Tether Trainer System

Simple Device = Profound Results

Easy Peasy!

Want the easiest, fastest way to a well-behaved dog? You’re looking at it now.

Introducing the No-Brainer Tether Trainer System

You’ve probably heard it before, but I’ll say it again here… having a well-behaved dog is really and truly no harder than simply ignoring the behavior you don’t want and paying attention to the behavior you do want.

Oh… but it can be difficult to ignore Fido when he’s peeing in the living room, knocking Grandpa over, and trying to lick your guest’s eyeballs. Hmmm, if only there were a tool for that….

Ta-da! Yup, you guessed it… The No-Brainer Tether Trainer.

The No-Brainer Tether Trainer is the perfect temporary tool to allow your dog or puppy to be with the family and part of the action yet still be under control while you teach them good manners!

tether trainer door manners illustration

Door manners

tether trainers keep dog in the car

Keep Fido in the car

tether trainers stop dog jumping

Stop jumping

tether trainer helps keep kids safe around dog

Prevent Mayhem

Tether trainer helps safe introductions to dog

Safe introductions

tether trainer keeps elderly safe around dog

Avoid Mishaps

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Milo was out of control barking at a dog in the alley. It went on for a long time! Both dogs were barking and neither would quit. I decided to tether Milo to see if that would help. Here is what happened…

labradoodle calms down using tether trainer

Jill D. with Milo (4-year-old Labradoodle)

See the No Brainer Tether Trainer in action in this Before & After video!

The No-Brainer Tether Trainer is highly portable, so the dog can travel with you wherever you might be working or relaxing within the house or when driving in the car.

You have the option of attaching the tether to a piece of furniture that will hold the weight of the dog. Or sliding the tether under a door and using the closed door to secure it (you can loop the other end around a wooden dowel or even a roll of toilet paper!)

Or, for larger dogs, you can use the included hardware to attach the tether to a stud in the wall. And the tether easily attaches to the child car seat anchors in the car.

I recommend having a tether attachment point in every room! You can then use a single tether to go from room to room or from house to car.

Multiple Attachment Options

tether trainer furniture attachment illustration
tether trainer under door attachment illustration
tether trainer wall mount illustration

The No-Brainer Tether Trainer System Includes:

  • Black, PVC coated CHEW-PROOF indoor tether with two swivel snap hooks
  • Professionally machine crimped for strength and durability
  • Wall mount attachment with faceplate cover (included for Medium and Large dogs)
  • Illustrated User Guide

No-Brainer Tether Trainer System Options

All systems include FREE shipping!