Pet Behavior Training Success Stories

We've proudly helped clients in our own backyard and across the globe.

Find out more about how Another Approach was able to improve the lives of these families and their beloved pets with our pet behavior training and consulting services.

My dog couldn't even last a second alone ...

"I can't thank Louisa enough for helping my dog through his separation anxiety. My dog couldn't even last a second alone, he would start barking as soon as I closed the door behind him, and would bark until I came home. After following through with the training program... he can now be left home alone. The training was a long process for him, but with consistency, he is now a happy and relaxed dog even when he is alone! I can now have a life without worrying about my dog. Worth every penny! I can't thank this team enough for the patience and guidance they provided me."

Naoko T. with Benny (2.5-year-old Maltipoo)

We thought we would have to put him down ...

"I accidentally badly startled our cat, Nico. He responded with fear and aggression. He would attack me, screaming, whenever he saw me. We thought we would have to put him down.

Suzi gave us the information, tools, and encouragement to work with him and work him through this. And I got my funny little man back.

Karen M. and Nico (3.5-year-old DSH)

cat displays bad behavior

Before & After Stories

Cat meowing/yowling
Veronika N. with Xanadu (7-year-old DSH)

The groomer was blown away by his behavior...

"The groomer could brush his tail, was calm, and lifted each front foot for the groomer to do his nails.  The groomer was just blown away by his new behavior.  It brought tears to my eyes to have him so happy, calm, trusting, and enjoying his grooming."

Laura B. with Chewie (4-year-old Lhasa Apso & Shih Tzu Mix)

I no longer feel that panic when I see a another dog...

"The past two weeks have been incredible. Both Sam and Daisy seem to have conquered their issues. Now when we see a dog on our walks, Daisy just sits down and watches the dog. No barking, lunging, standing up on her back legs, etc. I no longer feel that panic when I see a dog, and walking them is a joy."

Rachel P. with Daisy (Schnauzer Mix) and Sam (Spaniel & Dachshund Mix)

We can still contact Suzi after the initial consultation ...

The best part of our experience was knowing that we can still contact Suzi after the initial in-person consultation and ask questions, share experiences or issues, and just have a continued support system. She really knows her stuff!

Rosie V. with Indy (6.5-year-old tabby cat)

dogs that live together are fighting

Before & After Stories

Dogs that live together are fighting
Virginia W. with Winnie (7-year-old Border Collie) and Bubba (10-year-old Catahoula mix)

Her methods were unexpected, but exactly what we needed ...

My dog Tagg has numerous behavior issues, but during our very first meeting with Suzi Moore, he made remarkable improvements.

The methods she used were not what I was expecting, but exactly what Tagg needed.  Suzi is amazing!  She is incredibly knowledgeable, and I can tell she truly cares about the pets she helps.  She responds immediately to any questions I have and gives very detailed answers and next steps.  I am so thankful that I found Another Approach Behavior Solutions!

Darcy R. with Tagg (2.5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog)

Their teaching is based on positive reinforcement ...

Suzi worked with my family to help us learn different techniques to help our Cocker Spaniel greet people without fear and calm her down with soothing touch (also called TTouch).

We highly recommend Another Approach Behavior Solutions because their teaching is based on positive reinforcement.

Shawn C with Bella (2-year-old Cocker Spaniel)

My cat went from peeing in an inappropriate place to using her litter box ...

I could not be more impressed or happy about Suzi's help with my cat's peeing problems. With Suzi's professional help, my cat went from peeing in an inappropriate place to using her litter box quickly by following simple steps that anyone can do.

Suzi provided a lot of literature about cat behavior and why my cat behaved as she did. She also shared some enrichment ideas to keep my cat from getting bored and improve my cat's social life.

Suzi is very knowledgeable about cat behavior and was there for my cat and me every step of the way. Because of covid, our meetings were online, but it didn't make a difference in Suzi's amazing help.

On top of it all, her fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend her. On a scale of 1-10, I give Suzi a 10+.

Sarah H. with Sylvia (8.5-year-old DSH)