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Did you know that your puppy has a clock? And it’s ticking?

Puppies are only young for a short time, and how they spend that time will have a big impact on their adult behavior. The sooner you start your puppy training, the better behaved your puppy will be as an adult, when it matters the most.

Positive solutions  for your puppy problems

Your puppy has a developmental clock… and it is ticking. That’s why puppyhood is the best time to start training them for good behavior.

But puppyhood doesn’t last forever, so don’t wait too long to start training. Otherwise, you might find yourself with some serious puppy problems down the road.

But what about the puppy problems of today? We are here to help you with all the frustrating aspects of that cute ball of fluff… housebreaking issues, crate training, avoiding separation anxiety, puppy chewing and biting, you name it and we have tools for it!

Get ready to restore your sanity today and prepare for tomorrow.

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I just wanted to let you know how much Bella enjoyed the puppy starter session! We both learned so much. My previous dog had a lot of reactivity and behavior problems, so it’s really great to have so much information so we can avoid all that with Bella. Plus, it was just FUN!

Susan H. with Bella (4-month Cattledog Mix)

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Puppy Perfect Start Service

Get off to the Perfect Start with this 90 minute one-stop-shop session!

This service is for puppies under 5 months of age.

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Puppy Manners Training

In-Home or Site-Specific Appointments

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