Suzi Moore LVT, CPDT-KA

Behavior Solutions for Dogs, Cats, and Birds

I love helping pets to be the best they can be!

For over 30 years I have been helping pets to be better behaved.

How can I help YOUR pet?

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My Mission

I get it. I hear it from almost everyone who talks to me about their pet. “Fluffy is such a wonderful dog/cat! When it’s just us, she’s so amazing. It’s just when (fill in the blank) happens that there’s a problem.”

I call it the “except when” phenomena. They are ALL amazing pets… um, except when ____ happens! I know your pet is not “bad” or “aggressive” or a “bully”. I know things are great 99% of the time. It is my mission to make that 100%…
even when ____ happens!

 I change behavior by using only force-free, positive methods for training and behavior modification for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. I help people become closer to their pets by eliminating annoying or even harmful behaviors such as aggression and fear.  I am also excited to offer a unique modality to enhance both the health and behavior of animals – the Tellington TTouch method. As one of the South Sound’s only Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals, I am enthusiastic to share these techniques with you – whether to fix a problem, help your pet to be more confident, or to optimize their health and vitality.