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For over 30 years we have been helping pets to be better behaved.

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Tellington TTouch Services

Our Mission

We get it. We hear it from almost everyone who talks to us about their pet. “Fluffy is such a wonderful dog/cat! When it’s just us, she’s so amazing. It’s just when (fill in the blank) happens that there’s a problem.”

We call it the “except when” phenomena. They are ALL amazing pets… um, except when ____ happens! We know your pet is not “bad” or “aggressive” or a “bully”. We know things are great 99% of the time. It is our mission to make that 100%…
even when ____ happens!

 We change behavior by using only force-free, positive methods for training and behavior modification for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. We help people become closer to their pets by eliminating annoying or even harmful behaviors such as aggression and fear.  We are also excited to offer a unique modality to enhance both the health and behavior of animals – the Tellington TTouch method. We have one of the few Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioners for companion animals in the South Sound. We are enthusiastic to share these techniques with you – whether to fix a problem, help your pet to be more confident, or to optimize their health and vitality.