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We're Pet Behavior Specialists. All of our dog training, cat training, and problem-solving services are one-on-one and customized to your needs.

Are you struggling with a pet behavior issue and you’re not sure where to turn?

It’s tough when you’re dealing with a problem pet. Not only is it frustrating but it can create a lot of worry and stress.

Another Approach Behavior Solutions is here to help. Each of our credentialed, professional, pet behavior specialists has over 30 years of experience, and the sole purpose of helping you and your dog or cat overcome the behavior issue that brought you here.

You will benefit from the oodles of options we have in our “behavioral toolbox.” We’ve got your back… let’s get started!

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I cannot thank you enough for your time last night. I haven’t ever had hope that I could help Radley be a ‘good dog’ before – I was almost resigned to having a little misfit for a pet, and was convinced that she’d never have a normal life… I can see now, however, that her quality of life is only going to get better and that we can work together to help her. I’m not as powerless as I thought.

Alyssa W. and Radley

Do you want the best for your pet?

So do we! That's why we insist on:

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Reward-based Training

No punishment…period. Numerous studies have shown reward-based training results to be equal to or better than discipline-based methods.

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Credentialed, Experienced Consultants

Everyone at Another Approach has over 30 years of experience in the animal behavior field. (That’s EACH…not combined!)

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Compassionate, Non-judgemental, Caring help

Your dog or cat is your family member. Most behavior problems cause distress, heartache, or worry.
We bring relief.

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Cat Behavior Services

The expert cat behavior consultant is on duty! Litter box issues? Cats not getting along? Cat waking you up at night? Cat attacking you?

Solutions are a click away!

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Dog Behavior Services

Our expert dog behavior consultant has seen it all and can handle just about anything.

We specialize in anxious, fearful, reactive, or aggressive dogs… even dogs that have bitten (a lot.)

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Virtual Behavior Services

This format is best if your pet is fearful or aggressive to strangers or if you live outside of our in-person service area.

Learn more about what this service looks like and how amazingly well it works.

Dog and owner learn about The No Brainer Tether Trainer

If you have a puppy, you will definitely want to check out our NO-BRAINER TETHER TRAINER system! It's the perfect tool to teach your puppy good manners without isolation or punishment.

well-trained dog on walk

Our online shop features our recommended training equipment to give you control without coercion. All products are designed to promote comfort and not to inflict punishment.

cat peed on carpet

Want to learn about problem solutions at your own pace? Check out our E-course section. Currently featured is our “My Cat is Peeing in the House and I’ve Tried EVERYTHING” course!

There is a

Single  Immediate  Fix

For multiple pet problems.

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