Cat Behavior Services

Is your cat causing problems?

If you are experiencing behavior issues with your cat (or cats), you are in the right place to get expert help from a Cat Behavior Specialist.

Get your cat back on track with a personalized plan

You love your cat, but you’re struggling with some behavior issues.

Some problems, like aggression or litter box issues, can cause people to worry that they will need to re-home their cat… or worse.

We can help! Our experienced cat behavior consultants have an amazing success rate with a wide array of cat problems. There is hope!

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We specialize in working with these behavior categories

  • Cats that bite or scratch people or their guests
  • Cats that hurt or are aggressive to each other
  • Cats that don't use the litter box consistently
  • Cats that keep their people up at night or are too demanding of their attention

We specialize in working with these specific behaviors

  • Cats that are scratching and ruining carpet or furniture.
  • Cats that are peeing or pooping outside the litter box.
  • People adding a cat to the household and the new cat and resident cat(s) are not getting along.
  • Cats that are aggressive to dogs.
  • Cats with “Feline Non-recognition Syndrome."
  • Cats that are waking their people up at night by yowling, biting, scratching, or other inventive ploys.
  • Cats that are stalking, pouncing, scratching, or biting their people to get attention or in a misguided attempt to initiate play.
  • Cats that are aggressive to houseguests and visitors.
  • Cats that are seriously aggressive to their people, often inflicting severe injury.

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I’m so excited to tell you that my cat has been 40 days without a biting incident! She now regularly socializes with my friends and me. She has returned to her former self and is even cuddlier than before! Thank you so much for bringing DotDot back to me!

Suzanne R. with DotDotDash (9-year-old American Shorthair Tuxedo Cat)

Cat Behavior Consultations

Surprisingly, the most effective way to conduct a Cat Behavior Consultation is virtually via Zoom.

Using Zoom allows us to see much more of a cat’s normal personality and behavior. For example, if a consultant is physically at your house, our presence affects the cat’s behavior - sometimes prompting the cat to hide completely! Even with a very social cat, we don’t see the real deal. Zoom solves that. (An in-person consultation may still be an option, depending on your location and issue.)

How a virtual consultation works

  1. We start the Zoom session with a quick virtual tour of your house using a phone or portable device. The tour allows us to see where litter boxes are, where accidents have happened, where favorite resting spots are located, or where damage has occurred.
  2. After the tour, we have you switch to a laptop or desktop with a bigger screen and settle in as we create your custom Behavior Plan of action.
  3. One of the great advantages of a Zoom session is the ability for us to share our screen and show you loads of example videos of what your behavior exercises will look like. These are videos sent in by real clients, just like you, working with their cats. You will be able to see what an exercise looks like when it goes right… AND what to watch for that will tell you it is going wrong!

What comes next

After the consultation, you will receive a summary email with a Quick Start Guide to eliminate overwhelm. Some service levels also include a detailed, customized written plan and a follow-up Coaching Period where we walk you through implementing the plan.

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Cat Behavior Consultation Services

Prices shown are for Virtual via Zoom*

* Please see pricing page for in-person travel fees.

Not sure which level is right for you?

We do not charge for a service until after it takes place… so nothing needs to be set in stone! We can use any level of service as a placeholder. You can discuss individual recommendations with your consultant after we have been able to meet your pet and assess the situation.

In general, the mid-level Full Consultation service is the most appropriate level for the bulk of behavior issues and is typically by far the most bang for your buck.

Cat Behavior Consulting Services
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Is Another Approach Right for My Pet?

It only takes 15 minutes to help you decide if Another Approach Behavior Solutions is right for your pet and determine which plan will best suit their unique needs.

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