Suzi Moore LVT, CPDT-KA

 Hi! I’m Suzi and as an animal behavior specialist, I’ve been helping dogs, cats, birds, and the people that love them for over 30 years. (yikes, I just realized I’ve been saying that for a while… it’s actually been 37 years now… sheesh, time flies!)

You can read all about my wild ride, from lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) to dogs and cats and their people in my Adventure Story  blog article!

I am the cat expert of the team and I specialize in the treatment of cat behavior problems  of all types.

In addition to cats, I also have extensive experience working with aggression and fearful behavior in dogs. 



Animal Behavior Specialist

 What is the alphabet soup after my name? I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), and a graduate of the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program at Moorpark College (thus the lions and tigers and bears).

I have extensive experience working with a wide variety of animals and I know I can help you with yours.

I have also expanded my education and professional accomplishments by becoming a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals and I am a Reiki Master.

I combine my scientific background and formal education in animal behavior with alternative methods such as energy work to find just the right strategy for each pet. 

I never use outdated methods such as “dominance” or being “alpha” to control behavior. Instead, I focus on changing the pet’s emotional reaction to the things that trigger unwanted behavior. Once the pet’s reaction changes, their behavior changes as well.

I understand the frustration that can occur when a pet that is sweet and friendly with the family, is suddenly scared or aggressive when other people are around. It is my mission to help your pet so that everyone else can see the same wonderful pet that YOU see.


Jean Whitehead MA

 Greetings! I’m Jean. My interest in animal training goes waaaaaay back. As a kid I read about a college for animal training, I got in! So, as I got ready to graduate high school, most of my friends were headed to ivy league schools (yep! I am a nerd) I donned a t-shirt with a lion on it and headed to California to learn animal training at Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program (EATM). Suzi and I were some of the youngest of our class, we knew what we wanted to do way back then.

After all I’d loved animals all my life but growing up in the suburbs didn’t offer the experience I dreamt of. Tigers and golden retrievers (not together silly) were in my plans. My first golden came into my life while I was still at EATM, Gypsy and I would share many years together and she would help me raise a tiger cub. (So maybe they were together there for a bit.)

I was one of the lucky ones, I put my degree into use professionally with a wide range of animal species in zoos, aquariums and for TV and movie work. Even a Superbowl  commercial with Tess, the tiger! 

My life has been full of non-human family members as well, including snakes, rodents, cats, birds and of course dogs. I moved to Washington in 1994 to work at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium working as a zookeeper and animal trainer, mostly with the marine mammals – including the amazing walrus ET.  Additionally, late in 1994 I started teaching household manners dog classes.

I love helping families and their dogs build lasting, loving relationships through reward-based training. I added it up for a resume one time, over the 25+ years I have taught thousands of classes!  And worked individually with hundreds of people and their pets on a wide range of subjects from prepping for puppies to reactive and aggressive dogs.

This kind of training works! I have also been involved personally in many other aspects of the dog world, as an active rescue volunteer for over 25 years, showing dogs in confirmation, titling dogs in obedience and agility and raising litters.

I believe in setting you and your canine family up for success utilizing positive reinforcement methods, working with the abilities and goals of your family to resolve behavioral issues, and developing the human-dog connection. 

The methods I’ve used to teach seals to lie still for blood draws are the same ones that helped my heart dog Catch allow the vet to inspect his mouth while fully awake after knocking seven teeth out playing frisbee (after a REALLY bad throw on my part).  My current family includes a gaggle of golden retrievers related to Catch who often help with classes and lessons.

Louisa Beal DVM

My name is Louisa Beal and I emerged from Washington State University as a newly minted DVM way back in 1984.

I was fascinated by the behavior aspect of veterinary medicine from the beginning and was fortunate to be able to complete behavior externships with three of the most well known Animal Behaviorist in the nation at the time. I studied under Victoria Voith DVM, DACVB at the University of Pennsylvania Behavior Clinic, Peter Borchelt CAAB with Animal Behavior Consultants, and Katherine Houpt VMD, DACVB at the Cornell University Behavior Clinic.

In 1986 I opened Brown’s Point Veterinary Clinic and enjoyed practicing both general medicine and behavior for 10 years before selling the practice. I have also taken great enjoyment from being an Instructor for the Veterinary Assistant program at Renton Technical College.

One of my favorite passions is speaking to groups on the subjects of practicing Low-stress and Fear-free veterinary medicine, as well as behavior and training subjects.

I have also had a blast clicker training my Belgian Tervuren Loki and Paxil in the sports of Obedience and Canine Musical Freestyle, earning CD titles with both dogs!

After a fulfilling career helping pets and their people, I have retired from seeing clients directly but I’m enjoying staying active in the behavior field by offering vet-to-vet consultations on the topic of Behavioral Medication for the clients of Another Approach Behavior Solutions.