Suzi Moore LVT, CPDT-KA

As an animal behavior specialist, Suzi has been helping dogs, cats and their people to resolve behavioral problems for over 30 years.

Suzi currently specializes in the treatment of cat behavior problems of all types and  aggressive dogs.

Suzi works extensively with behavior problems that stem from anxiety or stress such as dogs that bite or cats that vocalize excessively or do not use their litter box.

The behavior consultation process begins with collecting a detailed history of the behavior problem. Suzi then has an in-depth discussion with you in which she creates a comprehensive behavior plan and shows you how to perform all of the components.

Animal Behavior Specialist

Suzi is a Licensed Veterinary Technician, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and a graduate of the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program at Moorpark College. She has extensive experience working with a wide variety of animals. She recently expanded her education and professional accomplishments by becoming a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals.

Suzi combines her scientific background and formal education in animal behavior to find just the right strategy for each pet. She never uses fear, pain, or outdated methods such as “dominance” to control behavior. Instead, she focuses on changing the pet’s emotional reaction to the things that trigger the unwanted behavior. Once the pet’s reaction changes, their behavior changes as well.

Suzi understands the frustration that can occur when a pet that is normally friendly with the family, suddenly is scared or aggressive when other people are around. It is her mission to help your pet so that everyone else can see the same wonderful pet that YOU see.

Suzi is in high demand and serves most of the greater Puget Sound area including Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia with her in-home dog and cat behavior consultations. She also offers online video behavior consultations just about anywhere you are in the world!