Virtual Pet Behavior Consulting

Pet Behavior Consulting from coast to coast and worldwide

If you are outside our in-person service area or just wondering how a virtual behavior consultation works, you are in the right place.

If you have an Internet connection, we have a virtual pet behavior solution for you!

Whether you are next door or across the globe, there are actually a number of situations in which a Virtual Consultation is a better choice, and is even more effective than in-person. Our pet behavior specialists start off with a virtual tour of your pet’s environment to get a baseline of your pet’s normal body language and personality – things we might never see if we were there in person.

Sometimes you can get the best of both worlds by starting off with a virtual pet behavior service for the initial stage and then have an in-person follow-up session to help implement the behavior plan.

No matter where you are in the world, a well-behaved pet is just a click away!

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Virtual Pet Behavior Consulting is Best For You If:

  • Your pet is experiencing stranger danger, fear, anxiety, reactivity, or impulse control issues.

    It is imperative that your pet be “under-threshold” for their brain to be able to process new information and learn new things.

  • If our physical presence causes your pet to react (either too worried OR too excited), we will get MUCH more accomplished in a virtual setting.
  • You live outside of our physical in-person service area.
  • Your family’s schedules make it hard for everyone to be at home for the session at the same time.
  • You have family in the high-risk category and are taking strict COVID precautions.
  • You would like a recording of the session for future reference.

In some cases, we can take a hybrid approach and start off with a Virtual Behavior Consultation for the planning stage and then have in-person follow-up Work Sessions for the implementation stage.

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I worked with Suzi Moore of Another Approach Behavior Solutions, and she helped us so much with our Ethiopian rescue dog, Molly. I contacted her from overseas, so we worked on Molly’s behavior via email and Zoom.

Suzi responded to our questions and concerns with detailed, specific recommendations. It was clear she had paid careful attention to our needs, and her instructions were tailored for Molly’s specific issues. She sent many online resources for us to read and view, which provided detailed explanations and background information for various techniques we’d be using.

Suzi is extremely knowledgeable about animal behavior, very compassionate, and lovely to interact with. Molly’s behavior improved significantly, and we’re more confident than ever that she’ll be able to return home to the US with us when the time comes.

I give Suzi Moore and Another Approach Behavior Solutions my highest recommendation.

Lynn H. with Molly (1.5-year-old Ethiopian Village Dog)

What does a virtual consultation look like?

During the Consultation

  1. We start the Zoom session off with you using a portable device like a phone or laptop and giving us a quick virtual tour of the house so we can get an idea of the floor plan, what your pets see out the windows, what your yard is like, where your pet eats and sleeps, and where the problem is happening.
  2. After the tour, we have you switch to a laptop or desktop with a bigger screen and settle in as we create your custom Behavior Plan of action.
  3. One of the great advantages of a Zoom session is the ability for us to share our screen and show you loads of example videos of what your behavior exercises will look like. These are videos sent in by real clients, just like you, working with their pets in real time.

    You will be able to see what an exercise looks like when it goes right… AND what it looks like when it goes wrong! (It doesn’t do you much good to just see everything going perfectly like some YouTube videos… that’s not real life! So we’ll show you the messy stuff so you will know what to do if it happens to you.)

After the consultation

You will receive a summary email with a Quick Start Guide to eliminate overwhelm. Some service levels also include a detailed, customized written plan.

You will then have a free follow-up coaching period where you can give progress reports and ask questions.

You can also add additional Work Sessions where we hone in on the implementation of your plan. (In some cases, multiple Work Sessions will be needed to see meaningful results. You are always in the driver’s seat regarding how much follow-up help you want.)

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Virtual Behavior Consultation Services

Not sure which level is right for you?

We do not charge for a service until after it takes place… so nothing needs to be set in stone! We can use any level of service as a placeholder. You can discuss individual recommendations with your consultant after we have been able to meet your pet and assess the situation.

In general, the mid-level Full Consultation service is the most appropriate level for the bulk of behavior issues and is typically by far the most bang for your buck.

Virtual Pet Behavior Consulting
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