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Your dog barks at people or other dogs on walks, won’t come when called, is aggressive, or is just generally disobedient. You’re at your wit’s end and don’t know what to do.

It’s frustrating and embarrassing when you can’t control your dog, and it seems like every other dog owner out there has a perfectly behaved pup. You may feel like you’re the only one struggling with this issue.

We can help! Whether you’re looking for training or behavior modification, Another Approach has the solution.

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Dog Training

Training, also known as Skill Training or Operant Conditioning, focuses on teaching specific behaviors and putting them on cue.

This would apply to “obedience” behaviors (such as coming when called, learning how to sit or lie down, or go to a place/bed and stay); or “manners” behaviors (such as polite greetings, not dashing out doors, leaving an item alone, or dropping an item on cue). Training gives you TOOLS but it does not fully address PROBLEMS.

If your dog just needs specific obedience commands, our Training Services are your perfect fit.

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Dog Behavior Consultation

With a Behavior Consultation, you will learn the technique of Behavior Modification, also known as Classical Conditioning or Counter-conditioning. This focuses on broader concepts and changing a dog’s emotional response to things… their automatic knee-jerk reaction. (This is very different from “training”, which is explained on the left.)

It has less to do with what a dog does and more to do with how the dog feels in specific situations or in response to specific triggers. If the dog feels better, it will behave better – simple as that.

A Behavior Consultation is needed for issues involving fear, anxiety, aggression, or stress and issues involving over-excitement or impulse control.

If your dog needs Behavior Modification help, our Behavior Consultation Services are your perfect fit.

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I can’t tell you how much of a difference your help has already made in our dogs! We saw two dogs this morning on our walk, and they both responded beautifully to the clicker. And these were dogs they normally react to. It’s so good to see great progress! It’s weird to now look forward to seeing another dog when I’ve spent the last six weeks absolutely dreading it!

Rachel P. with daisy (Schnauzer Mix) & Sam (Spaniel and Dachshund Mix)

Training Vs. Behavior Modification


A great big GREY AREA is the issue of dogs that PULL ON LEASH. In some cases, a dog or (more often) a puppy is pulling on the leash because it is an innate response to pull against pressure, and they simply have not yet learned the art of loose leash walking. This is a TRAINING issue.

Behavior Modification

However, in most cases dogs pull on the leash because of an anxious or over-excited emotional response to what they are seeing… another dog, a person, a bicycle, or a skateboard zooming past. These are BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION issues.

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Dog Behavior Modification Consultation Services

In-Home Appointment or Virtual Via Zoom**

** If your dog has Stranger Danger, fear, or anxiety issues you might find our Virtual Services to be the very best fit - click here to see why!

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Dog Training Services

Adult Dog Manners Training**

** In-home or site-specific appointments

Not sure which level is right for you?

We do not charge for a service until after it takes place… so nothing needs to be set in stone! We can use any level of service as a placeholder. You can discuss individual recommendations with your consultant after we have been able to meet your pet and assess the situation.

In general, the mid-level Full Consultation service is the most appropriate level for the bulk of behavior issues and is typically by far the most bang for your buck.

Dog Training & Behavior Consulting
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