Tellington TTouch Services





 What IS Tellington TTouch?


TTouch includes the use of a specialized form of bodywork that looks a bit like massage but is much different in its effect.

TTouch also includes the use of various types of easy to use equipment, like the body wrap, and specific ways of using things like leashes, harnesses, leads, and halters to improve communication and balance.

TTouch is also a philosophy of working with animals and people as individuals, with compassion and understanding. As you begin to do TTouch, you will understand why so many people all over the world make TTouch part of their work for themselves and their animals.


How can TTouch help your pet?


The Tellington TTouch method can:

  • Build or restore self confidence
  • Release fear, anxiety, and stress
  • Ease reactivity issues such as leash reactivity in dogs or touch sensitivity in cats
  • Eliminate a wide variety of behavior problems by addressing the root cause rather than just the symptoms
  • Improve competitive performance and fitness
  • Help with geriatric issues, post-surgical issues, mobility issues



 TTouch services are available through individual in-home appointments.

Please fill out the CONTACT form if you are interested in scheduling an individual session. I will contact you within two business days to schedule your appointment(s) and discuss your specific goals.

Tellington TTouch Services

In Home $125/hour + travel
  • Bodywork / Groundwork / Wraps

*Travel fees range from $10-$35 round trip for distances greater than 30 minutes travel time each way.